Saturday, June 30, 2007


I've been meaning to post tjhis for almost a month now. My dad's little sister's family moved, so they came to stay at our house at the beginning of June. Ally and Cassie are the oldest, and they are identical twins. Out of my cousins on my dad's side of the fmaily, they are closest in age to me. They will be 12 in August. Skye will be 10 in August too. Megan is 5. They came and stayed over for 2 nights. We took them on a cultural tour of Fillmore. It just happened to be really cold those 3 days that they were here. But we went swimming and stuff anyways.

(above: Ally, Megan, Skye, and Cassie in our backyard)

(above: Ally forgot her swim suit, so we're all glaring at her in disgust)

(above: me and Skye)

(above: my hot stud muffin, Noah)

(above: I got a glamour shot for 75% off. Haha JK. I took this of myself)

(above: Do you think they got a little too hyper?)

Quote of the Day
I'm the type of girl who wishes on 11:11, am or pm.
I always wished for the same thing.
"All I need is him, just him; always, forever & ever."
Is there a certain rule that you can't have the same wish more then once?
Or that the wish can't last a minute long
Or that you can't repeat it several times?
Or maybe I just always miss the actual 11:11 time
because my clock isn't perfectly set, because if so,
that's my reasoning for why he isn't with me anymore, & I'm sticking to it.


Aunty Em said...

Livia is very green right now. Green with jealousy that she wasn't there too. I want to come see you too! How is the drive in going?

roosie and kennedychan said...

who are Sam and Noah?????they're in everything!!!! I updated check my blog out

just saying

My name is Lexi said...

To aunty em:
Livia should come sleepover too. The Drive In is going okay. I'm only doing it for the money haha

My name is Lexi said...

To Kennedy:
I checked out your blog!

I've just been hanging out with Sam and Noah lately.