Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Week before Christmas

Sorry I haven't updated in a while... Christmas time is crazy as you know...
Anyways, Tuesday (the 19th), I went over to Maika's house and took purikura with her. Here are 2 of them:

I know we look scary, but it's on purpose. haha The Santa one is from Elf when Santa comes and Buddy freaks out hahax2 I luv that movie! It makes me laugh everytime!
So after we took purikura, the Missionaries came over and we all had dinner at the Nanjo's house. Yum. Maika makes me laugh (in a good way!)!! Her mom bought a chiken for dinner, and before she cooked it, it looked like a miniature turkey, but Maika thought that it was a pig - seriously! There's no way you can be bored when you're around Maika. We played the telephone game on paper, and talked and looked at the Missionaries photo albums.

Wednesday I went and babysat the Welch kids. They are very good girls (9, 8, and 2), but it's interesting to go over there. All 3 girls stared at me while I was eating dinner with them and made me nervous, so I was spilling food all over. Oops! And the youngest wouldn't go to sleep, etc...she was scared of te oldest had to stay up and help me. Sorry! Oh - and when I came home I found out my test scores - That will be at the bottom of this posting.

Yesterday (Thursday) I went shopping with my mom at NEXT. Mom bought way too many things for Mia and Noah - They must be on Santa's favorite list. haha But I didn't buy anything. I just watched Noah, who wanted to be anywhere but a clothes store. I love how my mom had to be there the first day of the sale. She keeps them in business. Then we went to Mother Goose for more presents for Mia and Noah, but the person who worked there was mentally retarded. I mean it! We wanted to buy something - expensive, mind you, like $200, but they didn't have it in stock in the store, so she said they'd have to ship it to our house directly. So we asked if it would get here before Christmas, and she's all like, I don't know, so we ask when it would get there, even if it's after Christmas, and she's all like I don't know again. And she was talking so quiet you could barely hear her. If somebody's willing to buy something expensive, don't you want to make them happy? Anyways, we left in huff, and didn't buy anything. We weren't the only ones unhappy with her. I hope they fire her soon. I'm mean, I know. Then we went to the temple in the evening with some youth from our ward and from Nakano ward. Something interesting always happens when we're at the temple...too many stories to tell. But Noah got sick and had a fever of 104! Yikes!!! Get better soon before Santa comes, Noah.

Oh yeah, that reminds me. Noah said a full sentence yesterday! I said Santa's coming soon, and he's all like "Santa come hoho Nona house!" He's so cute! He calls himself Nona, and whenever he says Santa, he has to say "hoho" too. But Noah's actually scared of Santa coming. When Santa came to our ward Christmas party, he ran from the room.
A quote from Noah's 3rd Christmas - "Santa scary..." - if he only knew...

I wonder what I'm getting from Santa. I never look for my presents, because I want to be surprised. So I seriously don't know what I'm getting. My Christmas list was so long, I got yelled at, but that way whatever I get I'll be happy. And if you're list is short, you're pretty sure you know what you're going to get. So, I'm prepared to be surprised.
I finished reading A String In the Harp and Kira-Kira (see my to-do list in the sidebar) test scores are here!

Final Exam: B+ (87%)
Overall Final Grade: A- (92%)

Final Exam: C (76%)
Overall Final Grade: B+ (87%)

Final Exam: B (83%)
Overall Final Grade: C+ (79%)

(Remember that I'm doing BYU Independant Study through the internet, and the overalfinal grade includes my final exam)

Quote of the Day (I did now write this or take the picture, and I don't know who the models are)

"There's a point where you stop being friends
and start becoming sisters..."


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