Wednesday, December 06, 2006

POTC and trip to Utah

Before I say anything else, we have news. We bought the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 DVD the day it came out - today! We pre-ordered it. I was so/am excited! And it's got Japanese on it so we can watch it with our friends. We've already watched it once - we love it OMG! Maika, we'll let you borrow it after we've seen it another 10 times haha just kidding <3.

Oh, and my mom went to her first ultrasound today with my dad. They got pictures, but they weren't very good and they still can't tell if it's a boy or girl yet. Everyone, everyone I tell you thinks it's going to be a boy! We posted a poll on our family websites, and on both sides of the family everyone thinks it will be a boy. I'm the only one who thinks it's a girl - in other words I want it to be a girl. My mom's even calling it he, him, his...instead of it...weird. So we won't find out for another month when my mom's next ultrasound is.

We've got tests on the 14th at the Institue building (we need a proctor) - so we're studying. I should be doing that right now.

I've bought and wrapped Christmas presents for everyone except my mom - and I've ordered hers, it just won't come for a while. (See to-do list)

Here are some pictures from the Utah trip:
Mia with Great-Grandma Challis (at her house).
G'ma Challis is my mom's mom's mom, and this picture was taken at G'ma Challis's house.

Noah working hard to rake leaves with something twice his size.
This is G'ma Limburg's back yard. (My mom's mom)

Mia feeding Burly and Boyne the cows at G'ma Limburg's house.
G'ma Limburg is to the right of Mia. Maybe she's holding Haley?
Me and Tash named those cows by the way haha

And while they were in Utah, a new cousin was born!
My mom's younger brother Paul and his wife Nancy had a baby!
It's their third baby (and second son), and they named him Samuel Paul Limburg.
I want to hold him!

G'ma Limburg holding Sam

Three sillys - My dad's younger sister Emily's son Arik, and Mia and Noah at some restaraunte. Noah's a cheeseball! Arik and Mia are 6 months apart (Arik's older)

Mia, Noah, Lyndee and James eating together at G'ma Limburg's house. Lyndee and James are my mom's younger brother John's two kids. Lyndee's older and is only a couple of months younger than Mia.


chiechiechie said...

oh my gosh... noah kun isn't a baby anymore... he's a kid. time flies! i hope himari and your baby bro/sis can be a good friend.

My name is Lexi said...

i hope they'll be friends too...
noah is a little boy now...he's big!
it's good in a way and bad in a way

My name is Lexi said...

Birley & Boyne!