Friday, December 08, 2006

I have exams in English, Chinese, and Algebra 1 this Thursday, so I'm going to go study after this, (cheer me on!) but I just wanted to give an update.

I'm counting down the days 'til Christmas. Now that it's December, the time is going by too slowly. Aaaarrrgggghhhh

I finished my handmade Christmas presents to my grandparents, and I sent both of those off thise week. Hope they get there in time!

And we've started to receive Christmas cards. We only have 2 right now, but already one of them is really braggy. In our family, every year, after al lthe Christmas cards/letters have come, we vote. Like which card is the braggiest, which one is the simplest/shortest, which one is the funniest/most clever one, which one makes us feel happy, the most patetic, etc... But the hardest one to choose is the braggiest. Because 90% of the Christmas cards we get are braggy. It's funny how people don't think they're even being braggy, but they are. We've gotten some good ones in the past that we've never forgotten. I mean, it's great to be proud of your kids and family, but they can't excel in everything. Here's the typical braggy card:

"Smarty-pants*, our oldest, recieves A's in every subject at school, and is the teacher's pet. Fluffy*, our perfect peace-maker angel, cleans the house for us everyday. Zip*, who just turned 8 this year and had the most amazing baptism ever, participates in basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, wrestling, and hockey and excels in all. And Cutesy*, the baby of the family, gets so much attention and gets everything she wants and she knows it. Mom is the chaffeur of the family, driving kids to after-school activities all day. You'd think she wouldn't have any left-over time, but she still is able to keep the house squeaky-clean because of Fluffy*. Dad didn't get the promotion this year at work even though he really deserved it, but, oh, and we've still been able to go to 10 exotic places for vacation this year, including Cambodia, Hawaii, China, Australia, New Zealand.......

*Names have been changed

And they always end up as a 2-3 page letter! Scary!

And I bought this super cute headband the other day, but I lost it! It should be inside the house, but I've looked everywhere for 2 days! I really wanted to wear it on Sunday. And of course nobody wants to help me look for it...

Anyways, I just wanted to post these old pictures.

This is a picture of Alida and Everhardus Limburg. It's their engagement photo, taken in 1907. Alida and Everhardus are my mom's dad's dad's parents (her great-grandparents). They emmigrated to America after they joined the church and when they did, Alida changed her name to Lydia, and Tashi's middle name is named after her. The point is, doesn't Alida/Lydia look exactly like my mom?

This is Alida/Lydia and Everhardus after they had a few kids. They had 3 more kids, but they all died as babies. These 3 were the ones that lived to adulthood. The baby of the family is my mom's dad's dad, (her grandpa) and my great-grandpa, Paul Limburg. But I never met him because he died from a heart attack when my mom's dad (my grandpa) was 19. So my mom never met him either.

This is my great-grandpa, Paul Limburg all grown up and married (Paul was the baby in the picture above). The baby he's holding is David Limburg, my mom's dad (my grandpa). And my mom looks like my great-grandma right here too. Her name should be great-grandma Limburg, but she remarried after Paul died so she's great-grandma Smith now. She's still alive and healthy even though great-grandpa Smith died 4 years ago too. This picture was probably taken around 1944-45.

This is baby David Limburg, my mom's dad. This picture was probably taken around 1944-45.

This is David Limburg a little bit older. Probably taken around 1945-47?

Now let's go over to my mom's mom. This is Suzanne Challis Limburg, (my mom's mom). This was probably taken around 1946-47. Grandma Limburg is the woman holding baby Sam in a previous posting.

This is Suzanne Limburg a little bit older. Probably taken around 1947-48.

This is Suzanne Limbrug around 12 years old. Doesn't she look like me? Some people say I look more like her than I look like my mom.

Suzanne Limburg with her siblings. Suzanne was the second oldest child (the oldest daughter). So all those kids are my great uncles and aunts. Uncle Don (the oldest boy, holding the baby) looks like my cousin, Stephen...genetics are interesting.

Uncle Don, my grandma, Aunt Lynne, Uncle Brian, Aunt Janet, and baby Uncle Woody.

I luv this picture because grandma looks exactly like me. This means that my grandma is 6 years old in this picture. She's on the right, looking at the cake. That face she's pulling totally looks like me! (And the fact that she's looking at the cake while everyone else is looking at the camera is like me too). I luv how little girls and boys looked back then!

And remember:

Anybody can make you laugh,
and anyone can make you cry,
but it takes someone really special,
to make you smile when you've already got tears in your eyes.
Best friends are the type of people who,
no matter what age they are,

will always find joy in dancing with you.

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