Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

Santa was here!
Mia got a new bike!
Santa left a note - he must have used a notepad that was lying around - MINE! How rude!
Christmas morning breakfast - peach kuchen/cobbler - yummy!
From Santa: 1. Charlie & the Choclate Factory DVD
2. National Treasure DVD
3. Anne Frank Remembered (a book) - a biography written by the lady who hid her family
From my mom: 1. The Deluxe Card Crafting Kit
2. The 96-pack of crayons!!! With a sharperner!!! You're never too old for crayons haha
From Mia: 1. Gel Gems
From Tashi: 1. an inkpad and a hairclip
From Grandma Stout: 1. Alida's Song, and Mummy
Noah didn't get me anything, and my Grandma Limburg gave me a book of Sudoku.

But does something seem weird to you? Does it seem like there's not enough? Then you are right. I got another BIG present from Santa:



Oh yes, I got a digital camera!!! And my dad gave me an extra memory card for my camera - now I don't have to only post pictures taken with Maika's camera!


GRodenberg said...

yay! I want to see lots of pics! Mike, Kennedy Austin and I are all checking out your presents! good year. But tell your Mom she is required to buy all card making materials from me in the future! haha

My name is Lexi said...

Yes, this was a good year.

I didn't know you sold card materials!!! Show me!