Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer 2013

While I have more free time this summer, I decided to start blogging again. A few blogs that I've been reading recently have motivated me to start blogging again, but I don't quite know what to write about.

I'm not a witty, talented writer who can captivate readers without any pictures to look at. I don't sell anything or run a business. I don't want my blog to be full of complaining, snarky sarcastic negativity, or extreme consumerism. I don't have a cool car, a mansion (or even a small one to call my own), or costly vacations to show off. I don't want to only recycle and re-post others' ideas, but I don't feel creative/talented enough to come up with my own projects or recipes. Yes, I think that I have the cutest baby in the world, but what if I bore or annoy my readers by only posting about his cuteness? I love my husband, but I don't want to bug my readers by being to mushy or personal. Also, I almost want to start a new blog because this one has embarrassing posts dating back to my high school days. But I might be grateful to look back on them later in life.

So for now, we'll stick to a basic update.

We're in Fresno for the summer. This is Bear's third year selling door-to-door for Dewey Pest Control. It's not the funnest thing to do all summer, but you can't beat the money, especially while still in college. We're happy with the company and Bear believes in the product which helps him not burn-out. This is our first summer in Fresno, as the past two summers we went to Lancaster, CA. So yet again, we're in a new ward, trying to make friends and trying to find all the good places to shop and eat. I know there are some scary parts of Fresno, but I feel safe where we are and it hasn't been too hot - but that might change this weekend. There's a lot of agriculture around and it's a lot greener than Lancaster. There's even a Cheesecake Factory here! I just miss all of our family and friends when we strike out on our own each summer.

I'm working from home, taking calls from the sales guys each time they make a sale. I confirm the appointment and go over the contract with the customer on the phone and put all of the information into the computer. I'm grateful for the job - because I want to be a stay at home mom and it was so hectic being a full-time college student with a little baby the past few months.

I always tell myself that I won't move across the country like this again. But every summer, once we settle a little and we start making money again, and we get to live in sunny CA, I decide it's not so bad after all. And I've moved so much in my life, I think I need to keep moving and having adventures or I will get bored out of my mind.

I guess my only complaint is that we still only have one car, which Bear takes with him every day to work. And he doesn't get home til 9 pm usually. Of course, he doesn't start work til 1 pm, but Bear usually ends up eating something unhealthy that he can pick up really quick while he's knocking, or I end up waiting to eat dinner with him super late at night. And it's usually too late to go out and do anything at that hour, even if we didn't have a baby keeping us home. Plus, there's no one I know well enough to babysit. Oh well. It's never like this for long.

Our plans are to both graduate in December. I'll only have 7 credits and be mostly focusing on my senior paper. Bear will have 15 credits and plans to find a part-time job because we still don't know what we're doing after December (we don't even know if we're coming back to walk in the Spring), and we have to start paying off student loans soon.

And that is where we are at right now.

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Mary said...

Fresno! Did you know that is where Matthew grew up? Hope you have a great summer!