Tuesday, May 25, 2010

(You have to admit this picture is hilarious. HSM will never die!)

Lexi graduated. We went to the other ward because graduation was right at the same time our church started. We only went to Sacrament meeting and then came home and took pictures. I wore a vintage dress from the 1960's that my mom fixed up for me, some new silver gladiator sandals, a necklace from my YW president that happened to match my dress perfectly, and some earrings that happened to match the necklace perfectly, made by Jamie. My hair and makeup didn't turn out the exact way I wanted, but oh well.

Grandma and Grandpa S and the Rodenbergs made it for the graduation. My gown was white and I was able to keep the rose secret from my parents and grandparents. The chorus had to go early to practice. I got really nervous when we got in line. I was the last couple to walk in. I got to sing with the whole chorus, the senior chorus girls, and get recognized on stage for being an honor student. During the slide show of our senior and baby pictures, we gave the roses out to our families. My friend Amber sang a solo - "You Raise Me Up" during this slideshow. My mom was bawling. It was 90 degrees that day with lots of humidity. It was very hot in that gym. But it was WAY hotter outside and I almost passed out in my gown that made my skin not able to breathe. We took a cool hat toss picture though, and I went to a couple of graduation parties afterwards. The ceremony felt so long, but it was still a shock when it was over.

I was so exhausted from that weekend. It was very emotionally draining. My graduation party went well. Me and my dad worked for days and days on the yard. My mom made some gourmet food. And we got a lot of help from people. It meant a lot. I had a really good turnout and I knew every person there, unlike some of my friend's parties, where most of the guests were the parent's friends.

I feel weird now. I'm not working yet, I'm not leaving on vacations, getting new cars or laptops, or getting engaged like the rest of my friends. I don't even know where I'm going to school yet. Gah. I wish I knew where my life was headed.

And now that I'm reading through this, I realize it's very choppy like a list and it doesn't flow at all. But I'm too lazy to fix it!

♪ I got a lot of things I have to do, all these distractions our future's coming soon. We're being pulled in one hundred different directions, but whatever happens I know I've got you ♪

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