Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting ready to graduate

(Yes, i know my bangs look horrible in this picture. They have been cut since then)

Wow. I am officially done with highschool. Yesterday was my last day. I just feel like I'm on a break from school. Yes, I was counting down all year, but the month of May felt like 1 week. A little too fast.

One of the lovely things about our school (there are few) is seniors don't have to take their May finals if they're getting an A in the class. And now we've just been watching movies in every class. So I basically didn't do too much at school after prom. It was very nice for my senioritis. I saw Avatar way too many times though. I hate it now.

I also got to see Robin Hood this weekend. I absolutely loved it! I recommend it. And now I'm really excited to go see Iron Man 2.

I'm the last couple to walk for graduation. And I'm happy who I'm walking with. I get to be recognized on stage for being an honor student, and the senior chorus girls are singing a song during graduation.

It has been a rocky year, but even the bad stuff influenced me for good. The night before the last day of school, I said a prayer dedicating my senior year to the Lord. To be a better missionary, really study my scriptures, and to be an example to other people. I don't think I've been very successful at all, but I do feel like a new person. I feel like I've matured a lot. Which isn't a very mature thing to say, and Tashi and Noah have both made a comment today about how immature they think I am...but still. I have a long ways to go, but I feel a lot more confident about going to college now.

And everything that I didn't have an opportunity to do during my sophomore or junior year, I did this year. I pushed and worked hard. But if things didn't work out, I had to give it up to the Lord. I am still very proud of myself.

Things I won't miss about high school:
  1. school lunch
  2. P.E.
  3. rednecks talking bad about Mormons and black people
  4. drama
  5. all the rules
  6. favoritism of certain students

Things I will miss:

  1. my friends
  2. teachers
  3. learning about music and history

everyone says I'll miss it. I don't think so. I was a little bit sad, but it's over now! Now for my graduation party tomorrow and everyone else's parties to go to and GRADUATION on Sunday!!! HOORAY!


maika said...

congratulation!!!!!! your blog reminds me my high school life. i dont miss only my friends and teachers, but also i miss exams!!!! i dont know why. i hated it but i miss it now. haha! and i hope you have a super wonderful college life. i should see you soon! I MISS YOU SO BAD!!!!!:((( dont forget japanese, ok?? when you come to utah next time, lets hang out together!! i will go back to utah this august. i always hope your happiness. say hello to your family and bf!haha love ya!

Julie S said...

I loved reading your goals for your senior year. We all should have such goals.You are a wonderful grand-daughter. I am excited for you--your whole future looks bright. Love, G'ma Stout