Monday, May 10, 2010

Prom 2010

Well, Prom was absolutely fantastic!!! Much better than last year. It was a very lovely day. We all had lunch together, and then I went to Amber's house to get ready. I borrowed my dress from my friend Gina's sister. Me and my mom did the alterations and fix ups. So that saved hundreds of dollars on my dress and alterations. I didn't go tanning, I did my own nails, my own hair and makeup, didn't go buy new shoes, and I used the vintage jewelry my mom got for me last year. And Quentin paid for all our flowers. I didn't spend ANY money! It was so nice. Our group was also much better this year and I had a way more positive experience.

I didn't mess up at promenade this year and all the decorations and planning that went into it was much better. Tashi and Quentin were on prom court and escorted each other onto the floor when their names were announced. I was very happy with the prom court this year. And I'm very happy with the people that won king and queen. They deserved it.

I really enjoyed my date. The dinner was wonderful (Tiramisu in Q town). We saw our math teacher there and she gave us all hugs. The dance was SO fun too. I was so tired last year, I didn't want to do anything. I really wanted to go t o Afterprom, but I was a good girl and went to church. And Quentin brought me home a shirt and CD from the Roxy store at Six Flags. So I was a happy girl. It was the kind of Prom you dream about. Lovely, lovely.

I can't copy off the site, so here's some pictures from the actual dance:
dance picture
dance picture

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Emily H said...

Looks so great. You are so beautiful and I am glad you had a good time. Keep us posted on college stuff!