Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stressful Life

Well, I was way stressed out this week, but it's finally all over and I can enjoy the weekend.
  1. I've had 2 work meetings for Carl's Junior, (including having to pass the food handlers test and I barely passed it),
  2. Parli pro (parliamentary procedure) every morning before school, and practicing like mad because region is next week, (and being on time)
  3. Chores, trying to keep my room clean,
  4. Youth Court, going to the last home basketball games for the season,
  5. Getting my drivers license!!!!!!!!!!!! (during lunch break),
  6. Having my bishop's interview for my patriarchal blessing,
  7. Mutual,
  8. Buying plane tickets for Japan
  9. Doing the Hinckley challenge
Ya I'm really tired...but I think everything's been working out. I need to read my scriptures and go to bed after this. Just had to relieve some teenage stress here

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