Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tashi is 15. wOw

Ohmigosh (in one word)!!! My baby Tashi squishy is 15!!! That lovely age when you're not quite 16, and it's all awkward, kind of like being 7 right before you're baptized, or 11/12, when you're almost going into YW, not quite to the big milestone that everyone will give you attention for. Once you're 16, everyone looks at you a little differently.

But, Tash, my advice to you, (since I'm so much older than you hee hee just kidding), more like since I just barely stopped being 15 is....ENJOY being 15.

Enjoy not having to get a job to buy all the gas/insurance, and the actual car you want, to pay for your cellphone, worrying if you look old enough to be 16, mom asking you to take the car and do errands for her, having to Taxi all your 15-year-old friends around, not having enough money for gas/insurance, worrying about being asked out on a date by a person you don't want to, worrying about not being asked to the school dance (and looking perfect for the dance when you DO get asked)
Don't let your braces make you self are one of the cooliest freshman in our school. Seriously! You don't do stupid things for attention, you obey all the rules, you don't try to act older than you are (this usually makes you look more immature...I could name a few freshmen...), you don't let people push you around, you get good grades, you're involved, you're punctual, you help everyone, but you never cheat and won't let other people cheat off you, you know how to have fun and laugh, you're cute, and unlike most of the freshmen, you're not going out with anyone/haven't kissed (Yay VL!). Remember, I'll beat up the guy that kisses you before you're 16. You know I will. You look so cute in the Hollister tank top I bought you. Thanks for wearing it for your birthday pictures ♥


Aunty Em said...

You are such a wonderful big sis! I am totally crying now! Thanks a lot. You are so sweet and a good example to your sibs. Thanks for that, because I love you all so much and want the best for you.

My name is Lexi said...

i really miss you but I might not be able to go up on Saturday because that's when Carl's Junior first opens, and it will way busy for president's day weekend and i'll probably have to work all 4 days

dang it