Monday, February 04, 2008

Happiness and Goodness

Some good things that have happened to me recently.:

I finally figured out that it was my spirit crying for Pres. Hinckley. That's why it was hard to control the crying. I've cried myself out, and I've moved on now. I feel a lot better. After the reassuring devotional in seminary, the very very spiritual funeral, and now that we have a new first presidency, I think my insecureness of the only prophet I've known is finally gone. We got to listen to the funeral in the car on the way to St. George to visit our friends, the Cluffs on Saturday morning. And we watched the rebroadcast right after daddy came home from Japan yesterday (Sunday).

And in my B day, 2nd period class of seminary, we got to watch clips of the funeral again. And the announcing of the new first presidency was announced satellite at 11:00 am, right in the middle of the period, so we were the only seminary class out of 8 that got to see the satellite broadcast of the announcing, and probably one of the very fwe seminary classes in the whole state of Utah, the US, or the world. Bro. Rasmussen said our class was spoiled.

I'm so excited about this new first presidency!!! In Pres. Monson's short speech after he was announced, he called the youth of the church "beacons of goodness". I love how the youth was one of the main things he talked about in that short speech. I can tell he's going to be a good prophet. Elder Uchtdorf (now President) becoming the second counselor was definitely a surprise, but a very good one. And I got to see clips of the announcement during lunch-time-devotional too. I love living in Utah and being very spoiled.

Oh, and my dad is back from Japan now!!! Yipee!
And he brought home the DVD of the movie Tokyo stake made for mutual conference. And a letter from Maika. Reading those made me miss my kindred spirits in Tokyo stake. Maika, Ribeka, Tomohiro "tom", Yuuichiro, Kousuke (my twin brother from a Japanese mother), Micchan, Yuuki, Urara, Ari, oh oh oh I can't wait for March. I miss them so bad it hurts.
Maika & Ribeka, I loved your letters, and the movie. Me and Tashi watched it twice in a row, and we would have watched it again and again but it was already 11 pm and we had school the next day. But we're watching it again for family home evening tonight, and I'm going to show all my friends here!!!! And I loved the email you sent me, Maika! It was so beautiful. I was so glad that you felt the same way I did about Pres. Hinckley. Keep your testimony strong, garnish your thoughts with virtue, and stay steadfast and immovable!!! haha I love you ~ ~ You make most of the happiness in my life.


maika said...

I misssssssss yoouuu!!!!!!!!!!!うおーーーっ!!!!


まいかもアレクサのおかげで元気になった☆3月に感動の再会をしようね笑 はははん

My name is Lexi said...

I freakin' miss you!!!!!!! oot oot
That is the best movie I've ever seen.

Hooray for march!!!