Sunday, February 17, 2008

Everybody's Gonna Love Today!

As you can probably tell, I've had a very busy but fun week. I got to sleep over at my aunt Nat's house this weekend, with Gina, her older sister Micky, and Micky's friend Krystal. Boys and Girls basketball both took region this weekend, and boys wrestling took STATE!!!! The fam party was fun too.
I've had training for Carl's Junior with Gina all this week, and I HAD to post pics of our uniforms. They're cute and dorky at the same time. The shirts look like bowling shirts. We're going to start a bowling team!!!

I spent Valentine's Day with my girlfriends. I bought Tashi, Gina, and Merial, oh and one for my daddy Sharpie, and my boyfriend Wade (we made a family at school. Gina's my mom, Sharpie's my dad, I'm their daughter, and Wade is my boyfriend - but this is all pretend hahahahaha) all heart shaped pizza from 5 buck during lunch.

Mom and dad gave me lots of chocolate. And after school, we prank called like all the boys in our high school and a couple of people in Orem and Grantsville pretending we were a survey company. And we asked who their crush was. Most people wouldn't say anything, or would hang up in the middle, or prank call us back. But quite a few actually gave out the full name of a girl. How stupid do you get?! And then, everyone was talking about it the next day at school. ahahahahaha (my evil laugh)

Then, me, Tashi, Gina, Merial, and Kember all went and watched "PS I Love You" at the theater. (Our small-town theater only shows one movie at a time). So now all 5 of us have decided to marry someone with an Irish accent.

And it snowed really bad the night before Valentine's Day, and so for mutual, we shoveled the sidewalks and driveways of the widows in our ward. I was freezing, wet, sore, and I didn't have the time to be doing it, but the widows are so cute. When they said thanks they were so adorable and it made my day (and I decided to change my attitude)

It snowed all night, so Valentine's Day morning we had 18 inches of snow, but they didn't cancel school. Pine View got 2 inches and they canceled. The wimps. Anyways, my mom let me drive to school, and it took us 15 minutes to get all the snow and ice off the car. And then half way to school, I realized I forgot my bag and made Tashi go back and get it. I pulled off to the side of the road, and Tashi opened the car door, and scraped the top layer of snow. So she was up to her knees in snow. My mom saw this and thought I'd gone off the road and Tashi was running back for help. And I knew I couldn't stop all the way or I would get stuck. But the retard that looked like he was going to turn because his signal went on then off made me slam on my brakes and I got stuck. But I got out by reversing. So many people got stuck really bad on the way to school. Half the school was late. Katie and Josh cross country skied to school. haha

's here for the weekend again!!! After we got home from up north, we went to see Patrick for a few minutes. Mana was sick this morning and didn't go to church but she's feeling a lot better now. And so now she can go to the missionary fireside. Carl's Junior opens Tuesday, and I have to go in on Monday, but we might take Mana to ride Patrick's horses on Monday morning. Me and Mana have been playing the piano all day. I get addicted to playing the piano.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's week. And a fabulous President's Day weekend.

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