Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Shining Knight Promised me a Virtual Camelot

♥♥With Great Expectations♥♥
Well, I had about one of the happiest things happen to me yesterday. I have so many emotions going on right now, all positive, and I don't know how to put them down into words, but here goes.
Mike texted me and asked me if he could ask me something at youth court, and I said yes. Well, he was there already when I showed up on time, and said he needed to talk to Gina. They went off for a while, and I got bored so I tried to walk over to them and they shooed me away saying they were talking about Mackonell. Well youth court was about to start, so I went up but Mike never came up.
Gina came up eventually and told me that he awaited me downstairs and I needed to go talk to him. I had to calm myself as I was going down the stairs. And he was waiting down there by his '78 orange-reddish truck. He looked really nervous and actually was really nervous. He started out with a Pride and Prejudice type speech. I was blown away and so nervous that I don't remember exactly what he said, but I could tell he had put a lot of thought into it. He asked me to homecoming!!! He gave me a purple and green bouquet of flowers - he knew those were my favorite colors!!!

And he wrote me a cute card. Well duh, of course I said yes. I was so happy. Imagine the Pride and Prejudice with Keria Knightley in it. The scene at the end where Mr. Bingley asks Jane to marry him. It was pretty much like that, except I didn't cry. But I know I turned really red. I wasn't expecting to get asked to homecoming, because I'm new, and I'm a sophmore. I turn 16 a week before homecoming, but nobody else would know that. But I wouldn't want to be asked by anyone else than Mike. This is going to be my first date~~!!!! Aaaaahhhh! My heart is doing flip-flops♥♥


julie said...

that is so cool and cute and of course u were going to get asked

yuli said...

awheeeeee. thatss soooo cuteeeee im soooo jelous!!! but realllllyyyyyy happy for yeaaa!!!
btw talkk to me on facebook eh!!!

Aunty Em said...

Hurray!! I am so excited for you! That is very sweet and sounds like it will be wonderous!

Does you dad know yet? I wonder what he will think of this? He is a dad, and he is Brock. He might do some stress breathing before he can say anything you can understand.

Take lots of pics and tell me about your dress.

Tashi said...

You're probably right, Em.