Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cross Country - lots of emotions here

Well I've been really busy and getting tired from cross country. But I'm loving it. We had our second meet here at our school. I came in #21 out of 38 girls.

(above: we're stretching before the run - of course Mia has to be there)

(above: Me coming in!!! Hurray!!!)

Meet at North Sanpete

(above: G'ma and G'pa came to watch me run!!!)

(above: all the girls lined up ready to run)

(me coming in - #58 out of 89 girls)

I've been having a tough week - I've been grounded, my meets were hard, and I have no time. And it didn't help that our team is falling apart emotionally. Mike got heat stroke at the North Sanpete meet. Now he's getting sick all the time. I'm praying for you Mike - and you know why

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Anonymous said...

wow sounds like u did really good!!! congrates