Saturday, September 01, 2007

First Cross Country Meet

I had my first cross country meet on the 30th. We've been meeting at 6:30 in the morning and running as far as you want to down the streets of Fillmore. We met in Kanab with lots of little schools like Kanab, Cross Creek, Parowan, and Enterprise.

It's been hard to wake up on time every morning and run. But this meet finally proved my hard work so now it's not as hard to make myself run. We have about 5 other girls on our team besides me but they all have to be stupid and be on the soccer team at the same time so they only come to to half of the morning practices. They're a really good soccer team - every time they've had a game, they've beaten the other school by some ridiculously high number to 0. So anyways, these girls had a soccer game the same day we had our meet, so they weren't able to go. And I was on a bus with 10 guys for 3 hours each way to Kanab. That bus ride was very interesting and fun.

The boys ran first. I had only been running for a week and a half, and I actually hadn't ran 3 miles straight yet. But I prayed and prayed and I was able to run the whole 3 miles without stopping. Mr. Moats, our assistant coach, stayed with me on the course and just encouraged me through most of it. The other coaches would yell at the girls in back of me to pass me up. Very helpful.

Michael came back and ran the last quarter mile on the side with me. And this was maybe 20 minutes after he had ran 3 miles. Awwwww!!! So anyways, I was half blind at the end and I was holding in my puke, but I made it. I got my number stick, and when I handed it to the guy, I almost threw up all over him. And I was #16, and they didn't put any names up after mine for a long time so I thought I was dead last, but it ended up there were 19 girls - 3 girls after me. My times was 24.50 min. I'm not too happy about it, but considering I hadn't run 3 miles straight yet, and it was my first meet, I'm pretty happy. The girls from other schools found out that I was the only girl on my bus, and they were so jealous. haha

Out of 40 boys, Josh Camp took 10th, and Juan took 9th. Josh's older sister Katie is one of those soccer players so she didn't come. And their dad is a freakishly fast runner. And I just found out Josh is diabetic. So wow. The boys took 2nd all together. Yay us!!!

The bus ride back was awesomeness. We talked about some pretty deep stuff. And we were vonluntarily and randomly bearing our testimonies and such.

That feeling after you run 3 miles as fast as you can (forget about your time), the super short 70's shorts we have to wear when we run (Juan: "I feel half-naked!) the bus rides, the pizza afterwards...yes, cross country is good.


Kennedy said...

I love that pic of Dallen and Mia it's totally cute!!!! brady got a blog

Anonymous said...

so is cross county fun???