Saturday, August 04, 2007

Road Trip pictures sono 1

Here are the first half of the pictures from our road trip:
Independence, Missouri
(above: Liberty Jail where Joseph Smith was held for 4 months. Glad I wasn't there for that long)
(a cool, old church. It wasn't our church. But it looked cool and old aha)
Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Missouri

(above: the peacfulness of this place)
(Mia picked a tree and decided it was the tree where Adam was tempted haha)

Then we finally got to the Rodenberg's house on the 27th, and Gloria took us to see Nauvoo the next day.
Nauvoo, Illinois
(above: the restored Nauvoo temple)
(an original sunstone of the original Nauvoo temple)

(above: the restored gunsmith shop)
(above: the Brigham Young home)

(above: Joseph Smith showing Brigham Young the way to Utah)

(above: our family in front of the Nauvoo temple)

(above: Emma, Joseph, and Hyrum)


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