Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to School

School has started, and I have had absolutely no time to be on my blog. But I will never quit on my blog. NEVER, I tell you. I can't believe that summer's over. 3 Japanese-friendless-months loomed ahead of me, but it seems like I went to bed on the last day of school, and woke up the next morning to find that it was the first day of school. My camera is broken right now, but I have a 1-year warranty, and daddy is going to work on that when he goes back to Japan. Next post I will do a "2007 Summer Highlight Post". So be excited. But for now I will talk about my first few days of school.

Well, after EFY, I had to take a couple of exams through BYU independent study that I was supposed to take during the year. But I was lazy. So haha I spent my last couple days of summer vacation studying and taking tests at the library. But Wednesday, the 15th, was our last day and we went to 5-buck pizza and got pizza and ice cream. Then Liza and Gina came over to my house and they picked out my outfit for school the next day then we rotated and went to Gina's house and Liza's house. I had to work for an hour for Leslie at Larry's, and then finally we went to mutual. We played Rounders, which is the pioneer version of baseball. But it's so much more fun!!! I was pretty good at it. aha.

Gina was going to come pick us up at 7:15 am. I set my alarm, but apparently I didn't hear it because I woke up and looked at my clock and it was 7:05 am. Gina came right on time, but we definately weren't ready. So we walked to school with Kortney. And we just went to an assembly and all of our classes. I was so lost it wasn't even funny. Because Millard High is so small. I shouldn't be lost. And just because I'm a Limburg (and I'm from Japan), I'm a celebrity. I would walk into a class for the first time, and people would know my full name and that I was from Japan. Or my seminary teacher heard my name and asked me to play the piano because he knew I could. "Why do I know she can play the piano?" he asks the class. "Because she's a Limburg". Dang, Micaela and grandma, you cursed the family! JK
And here are my classes for this year and my teachers:
First Year Spanish - Mrs. Kit Stevens
Driver Ed - Mr. Tracy Keel (his daughter is in my class)
10th grade English - Mr. Stoney Myers
Geometry - Mr. Ryan Hansen
Biology - Mr. Robert Greider
Seminary - Brother Rasmussen
Theater - Mr. McKay Shields
Computer Technology - Mrs. LaRee Stephenson

So Stoney Myers got all excited because he knew Paul and John, and is Jill's age. He keeps telling me how much I look like my mom and Jill. And High school Musical 2 was on Friday night. But I must say it disappointed me. Zac Efron is the only reason I watched it. But it was fun to have Noah, Eden, and Gina come over to watch it. And I'm doing cross country, and it's really hard right now especially to see Shelli running farther than me but being faster. I really want that Limburg runnning gene to kick in right about now. I've already made fun of my mom in her senior picture hung up at the school. With her giant hair...hahahaha I've found Micaela, Paul, and Hans Watson. Except under Paul's picture it said Limbury instead of Limburg. But it's fun because I basically know everyone at school, I have a locker in the senior hall, I get to go to lunch devotional everyday, and I'll be 16 in time for homecoming. And hurray! I get to be at school everyday at 6:30 am to run! Oh, and joy! I think my eyes were closed for my school picture!!! Oh, and we all have to have locks on our lockers this year. Yep, it's going to be a crazy but fun year.


Mickey said...

Haha! You have to play piano for seminary! Does Bro. Rasmussen give you a hard time about me? I'm sure he has some goods on me. And Mr. Shields for theater? You're in for it!!!! That man is seriously unbalanced or something. And Kit Stevens is teaching high school? Weird. I had her in Middle School. Ask her if she remembers me. I was a favorite ;) And give Mr. Keele a hard time for me, please. Does he still coach tennis?

BTW: the reason why my senior pic looks so different from everyone else's is because the day they took senior pictures I was in Guatemala. So I had to go and get make up pictures. And it didn't quite match everyone else's.

Aunty Em said...

That sounds so fun. That is also a very good idea to pick out each other's outfits. One year, my best friend, Melanie and I must have done some shopping at the same store because we ended up wearing nearly matching outfits all the time. So embarassing.

One semester I had a Bro Rasmussen for seminary and he grew up in Fillmore and of course knew your whole family. Small world.

Don't forget the Stout running genes. Your dad was a legend at Bingham High. I had the same track coach as he did. When I told him my name, he said, "STOUT?! As in BROCK STOUT?!!!" He reminisced about Brock being late to practice, but finding out that it was because he was running from his house 2 towns away, to get there. He was very impressed with his determination and hard work. He was so excited to coach me until he realized I didn't have the running gene. He was actually coaching me for high jump. I had good form, but just couldn't jump very high. I am going to say it was because I was short. I think I was putting my eggs in too many baskets, or however you would say, but I tried javelin, shot put, long jump, 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, relay, and discus. I should have spent more time on one event and I may have been more competitive.

I actually think that running is the most practical sport to train at. It is something that can help you in everyday life, in an emergency, or just for fun. When will you use football tackling or volleyball serves on your way to work, or when approached by a wild bear, or when you are going from one end of the amusement park to the other? I mean really.