Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Power In Purity

More pictures from EFY:

(Me and Tashi)

(Petey - Holla!)

(Marci likes mattress dominos)

(Sarah and Andrew trying to eat our nasty sandwiches at lunch)

(Brittni, Marci, and Mike)


(Sean and Taylor at lunch)

(Brittni, Marci, and Mike)

(Sarah's fashionable watch that doesn't work - she had another one!)

(Spencer, Jared, Sean, and Jordan)

(Petey needs shiny lips, okay?!)

(Emily, Tashi, and Lindsey)


(Do you like my new haircut?)


(Marci - I love her dress so much!)

(Sean - I wonder what he was laughing about?)

(I love my For behold boys!!!)

(me and Brittni)

(Hengao - they have it here in Utah too!)

(Arielle and Brittni are cousins - they looked like twin sisters!)


(Mikey haha)

(Andrew wading in the fountain. I did it too, but we got in trouble)

(Amy, Taylor, and Sean)

(The amaza-zing Arielle)

(Arielle and some random counselor)

(Marci at the dance)

(Taylor, Brittni, Marci, and Mike)

(Mike, Brittni, and Marci)

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