Monday, September 09, 2013


We just had a quick day trip on August 18th. Yes, we realize Lachlan is way too big for the bjorn, but we needed something to hold him while we hiked. 
We hiked about a mile each way to the Grizzly Giant. The tree has been measured many times, most recently in 1990 by Wendell Flint. It has a volume of 34,005 cubic feet (962.9 m3), making it the 25th largest giant sequoia living today.
Look at the roots of this tree!
Resting at the Grizzly Giant
We made it!
Lachlan petting the horse that took us on a stagecoach ride.

Funny story, Bear's wallet fell out of his pocket while we were sitting in front of the Wawona Hotel. We had to call the hotel and have a staff member go look for it for us. And luckily, it was still there - we weren't even sure that was where he had dropped it. Yosemite was just under 2 hours from our apartment. Bear planned to go back and get his wallet within the next couple of days. But then we heard about the fire in Yosemite and started freaking out that we wouldn't be able to get back in! But we were coming in from the south side and that way was still open at the time. Lucky, lucky! I can't wait for more family vacations and day trips in the future.

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