Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Early pregnancy

I want to do better at documenting this pregnancy.

The PTSD of labor and delivery is creeping back. And I automatically think baby=baby+school. I have to keep reminding myself that by the time I have this baby, I will be done with school. It's just hard to imagine what that will actually be like so it's hard to talk myself into it.

I'm so glad that I'll be done with school. I don't think I would've ever finished if I had taken a break.

I'm scared because we don't know where we'll be living in July, when this baby is due.

I am the worst at keeping it a secret.

Some things are still very similar to Lachlan's pregnancy. I want to take a million pregnancy tests all day just to make sure. I can't wait for my first doctor's appointment to confirm. I feel like Sue from SNL. I can't keep secrets. But we're going to wait til 7-8 weeks to announce this one too.

I kept thinking of Lachlan as a baby until Sunday when I took my pregnancy test. Now I keep thinking of him as the older brother and think of him as a walking, talking toddler.

I would love to have a girl, but I'm trying to not get my hopes up and be happy with whichever - boy or girl.

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Creel Family said...

Now maybe you'll have a boy and a girl :) Congrats!