Sunday, September 08, 2013


Life has been a little too crazy lately. So I'll try to catch up.

1. We made as much money as we did last summer, so I'd call it a success. It wasn't fun moving coast to coast while I was pregnant, but it was way less fun with a baby. If we end up selling for Dewey again next year, we've made the decision that Lachlan and I live with my parents for a few weeks in May and June, while Bear sells really hard, and then we'll have the rest of the summer free. We haven't had a free summer since we got married. We plan to apply for the Nauvoo pageant this Fall. *fingers crossed*

2. We've made it through the first week of our last semester as undergrads. Bear has 15 credits, I only have 7. I'm retaking my Senior Paper, and that's basically what I'm poring myself into this semester. Even 12 credits was too much for me with a bebbe. So I only have one class in the morning Mon-Thurs, and no class on Friday. Bear has all 15 credits on Tues/Thurs, with no class on MWF. His eligibility is up for baseball (we're quite sad about that), but now he has time to work during the semester and he has applied a few different places. This semester is also crunch time. Bear will be going to as many job fairs as he can, and trying to narrow down what he wants to do after we graduate.

3. Lachlan was/is teething this whole trip. So as we're packing up, driving across the country, changing time zones, trying to move in and go back to school...all 3 of us have had no sleep. I honestly can't remember the last time I got 3 hours straight. I've tried Highland's teething tablets, I let him comfort nurse...his teeth broke through yesterday so I thought that was the end, and then there was last end seems to be in sight. If I didn't have Bear, all my hair might have been pulled out by now.

4. But despite all of this craziness, we're excited to be back in the humidity and to have 1 pm church again. If we've made it this far, we can make it through this semester!

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