Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Life Lately

As if I didn't have a baby face enough, my cheek was swollen for almost a week after wisdom tooth surgery.

Lachlan + Summer = summer love. They have such a love-hate relationship. They almost act like siblings. Dewey babies forever.

He looked like a little farmer boy in his oshkosh overalls.

We went to Solvang for the first time and hung out with the Arntzes and Sniders! We rode the big family bikes around and went shopping in the boutiques.

This boy can't get enough seaweed.

Lachlan got his first freshly picked moccasins! I love that he can't take them off of his feet.

My little baseball boy

We went to the Monterey aquarium! I didn't plan it, but Lachlan has whales on his outfit.

We have fun, hospitable in-laws who got us into the aquarium for free. This is right as we were about to leave. Can you tell the kids were done?

My niece Opal. I love her gut. She's only 4 months old and weighs 4 pounds more than Lachlan

We made pizza at Nate and Izzy's. (Please don't judge my  "I just woke up from a Sunday nap hair")

Do you believe that these cousins are 4-1/2 months apart?

Still working out 6 times a week! Only 1 week left of Insanity!!! Then I'm going to start T25

I have arranged for Lachlan and Summer to be married.

This Pad Thai was to die for. And they put into a cool call. I can't get enough Asian food.

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Stevie said...

Lachlan is such a cute little guy! :-) That pic of him in the bike helmet is my favorite (hope you don't mind me stalking your blog. I love your pics!)