Monday, June 11, 2012


June 4th was our first wedding anniversary. Bear brought me home flowers (pink ones just to make me happy), took me out to lunch, and tried to take me roller skating after work, but it was reserved for the night. It finally hit us that skating probably isn't the safest activity during pregnancy anyways.

But this past year has gone by incredibly fast. I feel like we'll be 90 before we know it. We're in the same place that we were right after we got married last summer, but now I'm working too, and I'm pregnant. I think Bear and I have definitely grown up together a little more since last year, as proved by the flowers. Bear used to think that flowers were a waste of money because they just die. Haha Marriage is super great. I recommend it.

Right now I'm 16 weeks along and Baby Bear is very active today. We get to find out the gender soon!

I'm a little overwhelmed with my job right now, and sometimes it's frustrating that we're an hour away from LA and pretty close to some beaches and amusement/water parks but we work Mon-Sat til late at night. Boo. I can't go on rides or water slides right now anyways I guess. And earning our money in the summer will allow us to focus on our baby, schoolwork, and baseball without having to worry about both of us working on top of that during the rest of the year.

I do enjoy the local authentic Indian restaurant, Panera, the pool, reading, and working on making quilts out of my grandpa Limburg's clothes when I'm not working though. I can't wait to go maternity clothes shopping!

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