Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So Cal

Yes, we are back in California. Bear is working for the same Dewey pest control company as he was last summer. The company provided us with an apartment this year, including rented furniture, so that took a huge weight off our shoulders. We are actually pretty happy with our apartment. Mostly because there's a pool, exercise room, and privacy. I miss my Bustard kitty, but it is nice to not be wall-to-wall with other people, or live right above or beneath anybody. I do get a little lonely working alone in the apartment, but it is a breath of fresh air to not have any obligations and focus on having a relaxed pregnancy.

Speaking of that, I'm still not showing at all, so sometimes it still doesn't seem real...until I go throw up breakfast. I'm getting more and more antsy to find out if it's a boy or girl. I'm 13 weeks right now. And right now, I'm really looking into the Hypnobirthing method.

I'm not a fan of the high desert, or any desert in general, but it is fun living in a bigger city at least for the summer. We're only an hour from LA, and we have lots and lots of shopping and eating options around us, that we don't get in Nauvoo or BV, VA. (I'm trying to be good and cook dinner every night though). Still, by the end of the summer, I crave green living things and non-Californian driving, and I'm back in the mood for school. (Let's see if I still feel that way when I'm 6 months pregnant). As for right now, I'm burned out from school, and I want to catch up on my fun reading. And it's silly, but I love small-town banks. And the friendly-ness. And I'm just jumping all over the place here.

So anyways, Bear's baseball team got 4th in the nation overall, which is kind of a miracle considering they had such a rough start to the season. He has one more year of eligibility, and me and Baby Bear will be cheering him on! I have a fe more things I could update on, but I'll leave it here for today.

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