Thursday, May 05, 2011


We ordered my veil today and went and talked to Robert Saint about flowers. I'm getting things worked out with a local wedding photographer too. It is a beautiful ivory lace mantilla veil. The size is 36" long and is a elbow length. It features a 4" beautifully embroidered Alencon lace edge. This veil is made of soft bridal illusion material that allows the veil to drape beautifully. A metal comb is attached to the veil for easy positioning. We bought it off of etsy - my new best friend.

We had a long debate about whether to get a matte bircage veil, to mix in a little modern-ness with the dress, but the mantilla looks a lot like the one my grandma had and I think is more elegant and will match the lace on the dress more. We'll have to see. I'm so excited!

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