Wednesday, May 11, 2011

G'ma and G'pa's House

We went to my G'ma and G'pa Stout's house in Missouri for Mothers Day.
For G'ma's present, we took flowers from our own garden and planted them in front of their new house.

^ That's my cute Mama working hard

Their house is surrounded by green hills like this. It's really pretty.

It was really nice to spend time with my grandparents because I hadn't seen them in a year and I had never been to their new house. My parents really wanted me to get out there because they thought I never will once I'm married. G'ma made us nice dinners and we got to eat her heavenly hash :) And we all watched Tangled! It never gets old. My dad even admitted to liking the movie.

Their branch was interesting. We found a tick in Mia's hair during Sacrament Meeting (I guess ticks are really bad in Missouri), and it ends up the bishop always carries around a scoop for ticks. Only in Missouri. That's all I have to say.

I'll get to see my grandparents again soon at my bridal shower and for Tashi's seminary graduation and Baccalaureate, and then at my wedding :)

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