Saturday, May 28, 2011

I've Got Emotions Dripping Out My Pores

Yes, I wish I could blog everyday, but there is no way with the craziness in my life right now.

I've got emotions dripping out my pores and I thought I would let you knowwww

This should be the most important time in my life and I should be writing down every little thing but everything is just a blur. There is never enough time in the day but the days go by slowly at the same time. Some days I just want to live with my family forever, some days I just want to be in California with Bear.

I'm super emotional and on edge lately. Which doesn't make sense because I really have nothing to stress about. The planning is done, and things are going smoothly thus far. I told myself I wouldn't be a crazy bride but I'm still fiesty. Not about wedding details, just about the huge change in my life in general.

I went through the temple today. Um I definitely need to go back soon. I can't remember all of it but I felt happy and I felt the Spirit so strongly which the temple workers told me was more important. Grandma and Gloria were there. And of course Bear was too. My cousin Jordan will be going through the Nauvoo temple next Friday also, and I'll get to be there for that too. Yay.

Me and Bear are on our own phone plan now.Yikes. I feel grown up. Things are starting to sink in.

We're planning on living with a couple with two young kids recommended by a bishop from a ward in Lancaster. They are willing to let us live in their basement and eat their food for $300 a month, and the company's going to be covering $500 a month for rent. So we'll get to eat with them and go to FHE with them so things won't be so lonely or hard right at the beginning. I want to turn around and help a newlywed couple like that someday.

I haven't been taking many pictures but I'm getting my bridals done at 10 am on Monday. Yay.

Well Tash just got back from a two-day High School band trip to Chicago so I must go talk to her.

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