Monday, June 28, 2010

June Update

WOW. I've been busy. And I haven't even gone on vacation! I haven't gone anywhere fun. I haven't been to the beach. I haven't been to a concert. I haven't gone and seen any movies. And my camera is broken. So I feel like this post might be really lame.

I am working my butt off and making some money though. And I went through a cheating relationship and a bad breakup. But now I'm single and happy. And I'm not just saying that. I can go to college single and free now. You know the song Ridin' Solo by Jason Derulo? That's exactly how I feel. And I've become friends with Julie, who we refer to as Juwey. It's fun to have a college-age friend. We are each other's "person", like on Grey's Anatomy. She's putting her papers in for a mission and she's totally awesome. She's super athletic, and we all know I'm not, but we are still alike in a lot of ways. We've hung out everynight for the past 3 weeks and we're still not tired of each other yet. Gracie is in love with her. And you want to know the best part? She's my boss at Adventure Zone. My best friend is my boss. Woot.

I went to Girls Camp as an assistant, not just a youth camp leader. It was so fun to boss those littler girls around haha jk. But I did enjoy camp more as a leader. But the lake was closed because of e coli, someone got really hurt on the zipline, and the spelunking caves were closed because of a bat virus that humans spread. And it's a really old camp so toilets and showers were breaking all the time. Ew. I'm glad I got to come home early.

And we start practicing for the Nauvoo Pageant tomorrow (Red cast!!!). I'll be working when I can during it too. It seems sinful. And I might die from exhaustion, but I'm way excited to meet new people and see the old people. The Core Cast is the best. Gah. I'm excited. We'll find out if we're poor farmers or rich merchants tomorrow I guess. I can't wait to see what I'm in charge of and what I get to do. A lot of my friends are coming to watch this year. I am sad that G'ma and G'pa Limburg won't be in it with us this year though. But I am proud that they are on a real mission.

My mom's baby sister Micaela and her husband Travis came out and visited this weekend. They wanted to tour Nauvoo and see us before they move to Hawaii for a few years. She has 2 little girls that played with Mia and Noah nicely and they're expecting a boy on October 10! (10/10/10) Of course we played Ticket to Ride and ate gooey brownies!

But do you want to know the best news?




I'm going to SVU for sure now!!!
I got the $15,000 Marriott scholarship which is their biggest scholarship. I'm a Marriott Scholar! I get to have lunch with the college president when I get there. I did raise my GPA and ACT score and worked hard for it. And they were very nice about it and extended the time for me. So now I leave at the end of August. Orientation's on the 27th. My schedule's set, but I still need to buy books, find out where I'm staying and who my roommate is, and go college shopping. I will miss my family. And I thought I would have a hard time leaving home. But it's coming gradually and will get easier and easier to leave. Oh, I lied. I did go see one movie. We did go watch Toy Story 3 as a family. And I loved that Andy was leaving for college. I did cry at the end. I won't lie. It's so nice to say where I'm finally going. I don't know a soul there. I have no friends or family to watch out for me. But I'm surprisingly not scared.

It seems silly that I was so stressed about getting jobs and about this scholarship (read earlier posts.) It worked out perfectly. I feel watched over.

Today was the anniversary of the martrydom of Joseph and Hyrum. I forgot about it. But Micaela and Travis got to go to Carthage Jail today. So that was super special. They didn't plan that either. Once again, life is good.


Emily H said...

Everything is so exciting! I am proud of you and excited for you. Sounds so fun. miss you

Mary said...

I love Julie Too !!!!! I agree she is the best. I am so happy everything is going good for you and that school worked out lovely. Take care and keep smiling

Laura said...

Lexi, that's awesome that you are going to SVU. I almost went there. Becky and I are less than two hours from there, and you can come hang out with us if you ever want to.

-Laura Bradbury