Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Cute Squish

Gracie turned 3 on May 26th! Me and Gracie are becoming better and better friends. Now that she can talk better she doesn't scream as much. Well in that one week that I was out of school before the rest of my siblings, Gracie would come wake me up. And we would cuddle. I had her all to myself. I remember one morning I was totally dead and she came in to wake me up but I was so tired I couldn't even grunt. So I heard her run back out to my mom saying that I wouldn't wake up. My mom said, "she's probably just not ready to get up yet." And then I hear Grace say, "but it's morning, mommy!" Oh she's so cute.

Well I wanted to go shopping for her birthday out of town but I didn't get the chance so I had to make do with the little shops in town. I got her a chocolate covered marshmallow in the shape of a star from the Fudge Factory. I went and got streamers and a blown up helium balloon from the drug store, but nobody in town sold little rubber balloons. So we came home and did streamers in the living room. And I gave Gracie her helium balloon. Right away she had somebody tie it to the air vent in her room. She's graduated from the crib now, and sleeps on a little pink futon right next to Mia's bed. You can see part of it in the picture. But the happy part about it is that pink futon was my first bed too :)

Well Gracie is very strong-willed. The other night my mom was trying to put her down for bed. My mom was in the kitchen and had sent Grace up to go to the bathroom. I heard Grace crying and asked my mom what was up. My mom said, "she's crying because she has to go potty." I thought that was kind of odd, so I thought about it a little longer and thought back to when I was her age. Suddenly I knew exactly what was happening. I went up to Grace and I was right. She wasn't crying because she had to go potty, she was crying because she wanted to get her kitty night gown on BEFORE she went potty. Once she had that nightgown on, she went potty very willingly. I was like that when I was little. So I feel like I can read her mind all the time now. I have a lot of negative memories of my childhood. It makes my mom say, "don't you remember anything happy?" Of course I do. But now my mom is starting to think I was meant to remember the negaative stuff so I could deal with Grace and my own future kids better. Who knows.

But I do love Grace. She is a cute squish.

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Mary said...

I think Gracie is so cute. The first time I meet her was at church. The hall was packed full of people and here came this little ball of energy around the corner. She put her hands on her hips and then she made a little scowl on her face as if to say "I can;t believe all these people are in my way."( that part really cracked me up) She then took the matter into her own hands and started pushing people out for her way so she could go down the hall. It was so hilarious. I just love her. She makes me smile. Happy birthday Gracie.