Friday, May 29, 2009

Start of Summer!!!

I've been avoiding my blog. I always mess around with the html and mess up something. Right now, you can't leave me comments on each individual post. So if you want to leave me comments, please leave it on my tagboard by clicking on the "TAG" to the right.

Anyways. School has been out for a week now. And it's my last summer in high school. I finally got a job at the N town fudge factory. I don't know how I'm going to get enough money for college. ugh. It makes me so stressed that I want to cry. But I love my new job. It's very good paying, good enviroment, I love all the people I'm working with, (2 of them good friends of mine), and who can't be happy with fudge all around you? (And usually the people who come to buy fudge are happy people). Lots of family are coming to visit us while we're in the pageant. And Amber's boyfriend from England will be coming and we'll get to do fun stuff like going to Six Flags. Write on my tagboard!

*edit* ~ later ~
i got my comments to work now. I promise I will be better at updating now.

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