Monday, June 23, 2008

A real summer has just begun! We're gonna hav efun in the sun!

Hooray. Today is a happy day.
It was my last day of work. And let me say, I hated it there.
Carl's Junior is gestapo/natzi headquarters. A brand new one opened up here in our little town back in February. Me and my friend, Gina both applied because we had both quit our last jobs, and we needed a little more money for our trip to Japan. It seemed like the perfect place to work.
But it was not so. They never gave me the raise they said they would (even though I was there from the beginning). They took our employee 50% discount off (even when we were working). I was over-worked one week and on the schedule only one day for the next week. I admit it was organized, but too strict. You couldn't sit down or have a drink unless you were on break. You got sent home early if you weren't doing something. So you were always running around. Especially if it got busy. And if it got too busy you never got to go on a break. There were about 10 cameras behind the counter. There was one everywhere you went. And the owner just sits and watches us. It's creepy. The only place that doesn't have cameras is the bathroom (thank goodness). You couldn't sit around and talk to your co-workers. If you were in charge of drive-thru, from the time the people pull up to the menu and start ordering until they drove away with the food had to be below 2 and a half minutes. Insane crazniess!!! That was impossible if the customer had a big order or you had a new cook in the back (having no idea what they were doing). And "Natzi woman from California" (I won't mention any names) would pop in at least once a week unannounced and yell at us for what we were doing wrong. Or the owner and his wife. Pure evilness. I mean, I don't mind having a job, but it was to high-stress. And considering I'm still a 16 year old in high school, and I'm not trying to support my family, (just trying to pay my cell phone bill and earn some spending money), it was definitely not worth it.

But oh, how I will miss the Captain Crunch Shake. Or the chocolate cake. Oh my, the chocolate cake. My sweet sugary goodness. Luckily it's only a dollar and a half...the cream cheese frosting, the moist, I'd better stop now. Before something happens. But I will miss Hayden too. He looked exactly like Linguini from Ratatoullie when he wears his chef hat. I don't have a picture of that, dang it.

Now I feel like my summer has really started. Haha this video is how I feel.
(A real summer has just begun! We're gonna have fun in the sun! Now that all of the hard work, work is done!)

And what you've all been waiting for! The winner of the fabric drawing is...

Jeni from Our Safari !!!

I just want to thank everyone for commenting. They were all really nice, and made me feel happy. This turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Keep up the comments and I will do another drawing!!!


OwenFamily said...

Thanks Lexi! I'm excited. What a fun game!

Anonymous said...

hey lexi i cant belive u r moving it is heart breaking i cant imagine not having u as a neibor sadness!!!

DanGina said...

hahahahaha gestapo nazi headquarters. what a great way to explain it!!! ooo how do i get that goodness in to me???!! lOL hayden... what about gina??? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you no longer work there either. We need less foolish 16 year olds messing up our orders and thinking the world owes them a good time and more serious people with good parenting and sufficient backbone to earn their wages.