Friday, April 25, 2008


Okay, I am like in love with David Archuleta. I didn't really care who won or lost American Idol last year, (I love Jordin Sparks now, that she won last year), but this is the first year that I've really wanted someone to win. this kid is Mormon, just older than me, and from Utah. I REALLY REALLY want him to win. I like all the songs he sings, they're all songs I love, and I love the way he sings them. Even if people have to bash him about singing religious songs. He's in the top 5, DANG IT I HOPE HE WINS. He's so cute. And a guy that can sing...makes me drool hahahahaha Oh, and he can play the piano too. And how he can sing songs by girl artists...

Here's his audition:

And the top 6, singing When you Believe from The Prince of Egypt I love this song!!!

And Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera:

And just some random video of him singing a thousand miles:

And finally, him singing Mary, Did You Know? (I really like this song)

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