Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lachlan is 8 months old

It's Lachan's 8 month birthday today! That definitely sounds like an older baby to me.

His two bottom teeth have definitely come through. Nursing and fishing things out of his mouth with my finger have gotten more painful. He can "high five" sometimes and sleeps with his butt in the air sometimes. He pulls himself up on furniture and is really steady. His legs are strong and he can only hold on with one hand (which he is quite proud of). He loves to be held (just for a few minutes) and then takes off to play again. Then he wants to be held a few minutes later. He is constantly moving and wiggling. If people ask to hold him, they give him right back because he's so wiggly. He tries to make as much noise as he can. There's no way I can take him to Young Women's with me. He loves when I read to him. I feel like this kid is going to be very precocious. 
Today was a struggle to get him to smile.
I tried everything.
He was determined to scowl and frown.
Up until now, I would just have to say "can you smile for mommy?" in a certain voice  and he would crack up laughing.
We started tickling him but he would stop smiling the second we let go.
This was as close as it got.
I think he looks a lot like my dad here.
Some days mom is his favorite, some days dad is his favorite.
I guess we all have days that we don't want to smile.
He's becoming his own person now.
He is so frustrated. He wants to walk. 
We aren't encouraging him to walk. He just wants to.
He pulls up on us and takes off. He's pulling us like a dog on a leash. We don't have to push him to walk.
This is his famous bear crawl. He gets up on all fours and walks around like Mowgli.

He's pretty darn fast at it too.
He will eat anything on the ground. And this isn't just a normal "I'll figure out what this is with my mouth". If he can swallow and eat it, he will. 

He wants to eat EVERYTHING!

He also sucks on his bottom lip now
We think it looks like a beak.
I love the back of his head.

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Tally Layton said...

Lexi~ He is SOOOO CUTE!!!