Monday, July 01, 2013

Cheap and Easy Dinners

The dilemma in our house is this:

Bear loves cheap, simple food.
I love tasty food and I need variety.

 I love trying out new recipes on Pinterest, but some of them can get overly complicated or expensive. I have this desire to try all the recipes! Bear would seriously be okay if we ate Kraft Mac n' Cheese every night. But I really can't stand it. On the other hand, I can't make super long recipes every night. Bear says we need a staple. I think our staple is rice, but I want to hear what you think. What do you do on those hectic weeknights? What do you stock up on? What is something cheap and fast that I can go to in my pantry instead of fast food?

Let me know in a comment!


Izzy Price said...

you see there are days that I just want to be lazy and eat out, which happens pretty often but the times we are tight on money and have to cook, I do crockpoting lol where I just throw things in there and magically then turn out pretty yummy :) I buy ground beef and Hamburger Helper, they have different kinds. You can also add different meats to the Mc n cheese (tuna,chicken,beef, etc).I have also done salads big ones w a chicken breast on top, I usually make my own trying different dressings (Nate usually likes to eat them w/o) but you can add fruits and nuts to them. I have also bought chicken nuggets w mashed potatoes and frozen veggies. And the big one I buy the frozen lassagna the family size and they last for a couple days you can eat that w salads too. There are so many little meals you can make w/o going over the top.

eljay said...

This pasta dish is probably my favorite quick dish. It's so easy and way delicious and the avocados are so good for you. I always skip the cheese because I've never heard of that kind and wouldn't know where to find it, and it's still delicious

Creel Family said...

Michael and I are the same way! He is such a plain, easy eater, and I used to be picky and have outgrown it, so I like to experiment :) I get to try out one new recipe a week, sometimes it's a keeper, a lot of times it 's not, ha ha! Our staples that we eat every couple of weeks or so are grilled cheese sandwiches (I can make his and kids plain, and vary mine), breakfast foods (those can vary too), and quesadillas and rice. We eat those foods all the time and they are cheap, easy, tasty, and can be made per person so if you want to experiment on yours it works! :)

Erika Brinley said...

pasta. there are a lot of easy quick ways to make pasta. Pasta and chicken. we just buy the frozen chicken breasts from costco. If ever i want a quick meal, i just bread some chicken and whip up a garlic/olive oil based pasta and it turns out great. darin loves it!