Monday, February 28, 2011

Wedding Updates

Wedding plans are slowing down. There's a bunch of stuff I should be doing, but nothing urgent, and I'm feeling kind of lazy. We've finally decided on budget between the two families though. I'm so glad that's over. The parents are far away so this always makes things complicated. But both sets of parents are coming out to SVU in a month! And so my mom will bring the dress out and I'll get to try it on! But the other day, I had my mom on speakerphone with Bear in the room and she said, "I hope the dress fits you" "are you calling me fat?" "no, grandma was just a lot flatter than you." Oh goodness gracious.

I just bought Bear's wedding band today. It's 5mm titanium. I'll post a picture soon. And my engagement ring is finally here! That was the most complicated process. First, they had to change the band to white gold instead of yellow gold. Then there was a complication with the diamond. Because we did it through the barter system, and got a bargain on it, we were considered low priority and the guy kept forgetting to send it out, even though Bear was getting on his case everyday. He kept saying he's send it tomorrow. It started getting sketchy because Bear had paid and there was no more contact from the ring guy. I'll post a picture of that next! I'm doing a happy dance! It's a round cut, 3/4 Carat diamond.

Bear was so sneaky about it. We got the tracking number for the ring Friday afternoon, after the post office was closed. When we looked it up later that night, we discovered they had tried to deliver it at 10 am that morning, while Bear was in class. We were supposed to reschedule a delivery time. But the dinky little post office in Buena Vista is closed on Saturdays. Even the one in Nauvoo is open for a couple of hours on Saturdays! And when we checked the mail box, there was no notice. After waiting for a month, this was super-dee-duper frustrating to have to wait until Monday. But it gave both of us some peace of mind to know it was a block away safe and locked up inside the post office.

Well the post office lady came and delivered the notice the next morning on foot, and Bear went to the post office, saw a lady working in there, and explained his story and begged her to let him in. She felt some sympathy and let him take the ring, even though the post office was "closed". Then he asked if I wanted to go on a walk - now I'm going to be suspicious every time he asks to go on a walk, because that's what he did when he proposed back in January. He was really impatient for me to come downstairs. And he wanted to take the long way on our walk - up to the front porch of Main Hall. I was very suspicious by now, but figured there was no way, because the post office was closed. Then he pretended to kneel down and get some chap-stick out of his backpack, and pulled out the ring and proposed for a second time. I have never been more happy in my life.The ring was exactly how I wanted it to be!

That seriously may have been the happiest day of my life. I took a free day at work, we drove to Roanoke, went to the mall, and then went to Wasabi's - my new favorite Japanese restaurant. It's very reasonably priced and very authentic. Our waiter the past couple of times has had a Russian accent...interesting. But anyways, I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get married, especially now that most of the stressful stuff is behind us :) Yay yay yay!


GRodenberg said...

maybe the waiter was Austin...japanese and russina! haha. yay! about the ring! can't wait to see it

Laura said...

Hey, I go to Wasabi's in Roanoke all the time... Okay not all the time, but like once a month or so. It's one of the better sushi places in Roanoke. Good to see you're having fun!