Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teachings of the Living Prophets

This semester I'm taking an Institute class called Teachings of the Living Prophets. When I was a younger teenager, I remember my mom telling me that she took that class at BYU and really wanted me to too. Obviously, all the Quorum of the Twelve and the First Presidency has completely changed since my mom's BYU days and there's a brand new manual. There's hundreds of new talks and more recent social and ethical issues to deal with, but it's comforting to know that the basic principles of the gospel will never get outdated. And with modern issues or church policies...there's revelation to guide us.

I've always really enjoyed President Monson's biography. It's so long so it's taken me awhile, but it's AMAZING! I want my own copy instead of the school library's.

I've been looking up the church's stance on political issues on the official website. And I've learned a lot of cool stuff. The interesting thing is there wasn't a strong statement on all issues. That's why there's different political views even within the church. It makes me so grateful to be guided in most areas, but have some areas up to our own free choice and what we feel is right. The Lord loves us.

So anyways, I'm loving my class and I'm learning a lot (the good part is I get to take it with Bear). The best part is our homework lately has been to read out of the latest conference Ensign. I LOVE IT! It forces me to spend time looking at modern revelation. I'm just happy right now. Life is good. Especially with the gospel. What was your favorite conference talk from last October? And what are you grateful for?

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Mary said...

I love conference talks too. Your comment about God letting us make decisions on our own reminds me a of a cute story President Monson told several years ago in conference. I goes like this...

"In addition to so many other responsibilities, the President of the Church receives a great deal of correspondence each day. I am reminded of one such letter and share it with you. I have changed the name of the young man who wrote the letter. It begins:

“Dear President,

“Hi. My name is David Smith. I live in an area where the starlings are very bad, and they are making nests in my step-grandpa’s boat and in my dad’s barn and all over the place. My step-grandpa and my dad both think I should shoot them, but my mom doesn’t. I know the law says it is okay, but I am not asking your opinion as a hunter. I am asking your opinion as a Church leader.

“Sincerely, David Smith

“P.S. A starling is a black bird that eats other bird’s eggs and other bad things.”

Each letter which comes in is answered. A response to this particular letter was sent by the secretary to the First Presidency, F. Michael Watson.

“Dear David:

“I have been asked to acknowledge your letter of April 30 addressed to the President of the Church about the problems you have been having with starlings.

“The Church does not have an official policy on this matter. The Brethren feel it should be left up to your parents to give you appropriate guidance.

“I hope this information is helpful to you.

“Sincerely yours, F. Michael Watson”

I'm glad you are enjoying your class.