Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am in a new life-stage

I have seriously been horrible at updating my blog since I've been at college. I still have that problem where I feel like I can't post if I don't have pictures. So here's the update since November:

* I got a boyfriend right after Thanksgiving
* I survived my first semester of college
* I passed all my classes and kept my the required GPA for my scholarship
* I got called into the Relief Society presidency in my student ward
* I went to Utah for Christmas, which was a very positive experience. I got to spend lots of time with immediate and extended family, and catch up with a lot of friends.
* I got a sewing machine from Santa. Life is complete.
* I've started my second semester. I'm taking English Composition, Body Attack, Teachings of the Living Prophets, Classics of Western Literature, Group Voice, Bella Voce, and Western Civilization.
* I had new cousins born, and I met all of them, except one.
* but most important of all...


Which was a total surprise for me too. I'm making a wedding blog, and will give the url for that soon. I'll still update this blog too.

P.S. is the best thing in my life right now.

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