Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have officially been engaged for a 2 weeks today.

I keep thinking that I'll get used to the idea. But no. I do remember the whole day after I was floating on air. But then Bear got me sick. He only felt a little bit gross one day, while i still get a tiny symptom for a little bit in the day. So it's been this week long virus. And it made me very grumpy. Part of it was the stress of getting engaged, work starting back up again, and a bunch of homework all landing on me at the same time. Bear felt all bad because he thought I was just stressed out from being engaged, which isn't true. But it was hard to prove that to him when my temper was so short and snappy. Everyday I almost felt sick enough to not go to class, but I wanted the money and I already felt like I was drowning in all my classes.

But I got to leave work early on a day I was feeling particularly nasty. And I took one shift off my weekly work schedule, and didn't have to take one of my precious "free days". I got caught up on my homework, Bear took me to get some Nyquil and Dayquil that night, and life is good now. Except for the time I took Dayquil and got high that night in the cafeteria. That was weirdest feeling ever. I never want it to happen again. I lost all my motor skills. My food wasn't making to my mouth. I couldn't hold onto my wasn't pretty. This is why I like being healthy.

So anyways, I'm back to normal and I feel like I can handle life again. 4.5 months seems so far away, but everyone keeps telling me it will go by fast. I believe them now because I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks. I'm just glad I have all this time to plan. Right now, thinking about people who only have a month to plan a wedding makes me want to cry. I need those extra months, especially with school.

We have set a date -
JUNE 4TH. And I reserved the temple. Tashi is my maid of honor, with no other bridesmaids. We're going to St. Louis for a our honeymoon. My wedding colors are pink and blue, with a Japanese theme (cherry blossoms and white and china etc.) There will only be one reception in Nauvoo. We're just getting it all done in one day. Then we'll have enough time to get back before Bear starts his full-time cafeteria job for EFY back here at school. So anyways, we don't know where the reception will be yet. But both of our bishops know we're engaged and we're on the right track. We've asked a girl from school to do our engagement pictures. I'm thinking about using my grandma's wedding dress from the 60's. Yet again, is my best friend right know with my checklist of things I need to do.

And I'm working out everyday. I hope to be super fit by the time June rolls around.

We set aside Sundays for wedding planning. We're already having our first family councils. And can I just say I'm super excited to buy clothes for Bear for the rest of my life? That's just that much more fun I get to have!

I will promise to update more often. It's so fun and exciting to talk about a wedding!


Emily H said...

You are fun. How exciting. I will be there. I will probably fly alone, but have talked to Nat about driving out with all the girls. We will see. Keep us updated on all the details.

Mary said...

congrates on your engagment. you will make a lovly bride.