Sunday, October 10, 2010


So I have a lot of news. First of all...I have a job! I had my first job interview for it! I was really nervous and called my dad right before. I get to be a tele fund ambassador for the school. I'm so excited. So if I end up calling you for a donation to SVU, you better give me some moneys! Because then I'll get a raise too. Haha

But everything worked out so well. Morgann got the job too. It was really stressful because we were afraid only one of us would get the job. I got 81 words per minute on my typing test with 97% accuracy. And my interviewer said people would be able to hear my smile through the phone. This guy used to work for BYU and he said that in the 23 years he's been working at both schools, he'd never seen what I wrote on my application - "I love people." And I really do.

Well, I've also gone on 2 dates. The little details are going in my journal, not on here. But I'm happy to report that both went well and I had a fun, good time. The story of e first date is a funny one. I asked him. Actually, I won him. At a date auction. I wasn't planning on buying anybody. Me and my roommates went to go see the craziness and drama just for the fun of it. The starting bid was $10. And at first, boys were only going for about that much. I felt really bad and I wanted to bid, but I knew that I really didn't have the money to be doing that (this was before i even applied for my job) Well all of the sudden, a guy went for $340! I can't even begin to describe how high the emotions were in the room right then. The girl that won was sitting right next to us. People were handing her money. Adrenaline. Screaming. Energy. (Who has that kind of money on them, though? Haha)

I got especially hyper. The next boy who came up next was in my math class. Caught up in the moment, I started bidding on him. Yes, I won him for $45. It didn't hit me till I got back to our room that I'd have to tell my parents. And that was 9 days worth of food! My roommates offered to pitch in to help me buy food. But then the birthday money i got from my grandparents reimbursed it. Our date was watching Toy Story 3 out in Chandler Field that Friday night. It was fun.

The next date was dinner at a Mexican restaurant on the Saturday of General Conference. Then we had a bonfire with plenty of guitar playing, starburst roasting, and s'mores with Nutella (which are absolutely delicious by the way). That was really fun too. And we ended up talking till 3:30 in the morning.

I'm having midterms. Which is no fun. But it made me realize that I'm already half-way through this semester. Time is going by so fast! And I wish I could be updating more, but I'm just so busy!

I loved General Conference. It was weird to not be watching it with my family. Elder Holland (he's my favorite) and Elder Christofferson's talks were my favorite. I got to see all of the sessions and I learned a lot. And we had Stake Conference this weekend. Oh, and on Tuesday there were no classes and 5 huge buses got to go to the D.C. Temple. It was my first time at that temple and I loved it! It was huge! It made me homesick for the Nauvoo Temple.

I've been trying to work on bettering myself. Coming to college is a chance to restart again. I keep getting discouraged and down on myself. And I keep thinking about how my grandpa is going to die in a few months. It doesn't seem real. But I'm happy that this happened while they were on a mission instead of him sitting around home feeling sorry for himself and feeling self-entitlement because he's old. I love my grandpa and I'm so proud of him. I called him the other day and he told me how proud he was of me. I started crying. I wish I could stop crying about it. And sometimes boys get me down too. But General and Stake Conference have helped lift me up, and I have wonderful roommates, family, and friends back home that keep me in check and make sure I'm not too hard on myself. But then at the same time that makes me all the more homesick. I have 2 baby cousins (Peter, Owen) that I haven't met yet, another baby cousin that's due today, my cousin (and best friend) Stephen just got home off his mission, my grandparents are home off their mission and my grandpa's sick, and my best friend Sam is home off of his mission too. Utah is calling me. I can't wait for Christmas when we go.

Wish me luck with all my tests and my new job!


Mary said...

You will do great on your test I am sure. Take care , study hard and have fun.

Emily H said...

Congrats on the job! Sounds like it would be a great learning experience. Good skills to have and all that. I am excited for Christmas too!

Gina said...

Peter Thingy would love to meet you. One day, I am sure.
So you are going to utah for christmas. That will be fun.
And most of all... remember now, that Jeff and I's first date was when I bought him at an auction... and I was not planning on buying anybody and had not even brought any money with me. Interesting?
Good luck, much good luck too you. in all you are doing. love gina