Sunday, September 12, 2010


I really wish I had my camera with me. Because I don't feel like I'm a good enough writer to blog without pictures to go along with it. Oh well.

I had a good weekend with my roomies again. Rachel got her car fixed, so she got to go home for the weekend to North Carolina. I don't like how I miss people I just met.

We all went to Alexander's for ice cream right after class on Friday. I got black raspberry with a brownie mix-in of course! Nate (the guy who owns the place and is one of my chorus teachers) was like, "you want a whole brownie?" Yes, make me feel fat. Please. But then he realized I ordered a single, not a double. So he said I was justified with a whole brownie.

When we went to pick up Rachel's car, the guy who owned the car place (Leroy) said, "was that all you girls laughing out there? I think you were having too much fun. I wish I could be young." But he didn't seem nostalgic or joking. He actually seemed depressed about it. How sad is that? It's your choice whether you're going to have a happy life or not, no matter what your environment is.

Morgann came and slept over that night in Rachel's bed. And we went to the mall in the morning! It was only an hour away, and a very good mall. And I got my hair highlighted for $5. I only had to buy the bleach. It's not super noticeable. But I felt like my hair was a little dark. Morgann colored her hair back to brown. It was kind of nippy outside, so we snuggled and watched The Haunting in Connecticut. We pulled the mattresses onto the floor and Morgann and me squished Greta in the middle. Morgann and Greta were holding hands and I was clasped onto Greta's arm. There was a part were we screamed and jumped so loud, their hands were almost broken and Greta's arm almost broke so we had to pause the movie to wait for the pain to subside. Morgann didn't sleep over again, so me and Greta just slept on the mattresses together. We talked about boys til 1:30, when Greta passed out. I had to keep making sure she was there during the night. Why do I keep watching scary movies?

I'm having all my roommates take the Love Language test. It's actually quite informational. I've taught them about "dressing their truths." Now we just need to take the color-personality test. Hee hee

I really miss 2:00 church. 9:00 is just not making my body happy. At all. Yes, you can take a nap after church, but why not just sleep in and not interrupt your sleep? And go to church happy? And then you have less time after church to be tempted to do non-churchy things. Or be tempted to not take a nap.

I got called as a Visiting Teaching supervisor today. Doesn't sound too bad. Of course that's what I get because my mom is so visiting teaching centered. Greta's the compassionate service chair, and Haylea's a Gospel Doctrine teacher. Rachel doesn't have a calling yet because she was out of town. I'm excited for the CES fireside tonight. It's my first one!

The update on my grandpa is: they never got a definite diagnosis in Chile. They ruled out a few kind of cancers including squamos cell, lymphoma, and melanoma. They got back to Utah on Saturday (yesterday) afternoon, bringing back slides with them to get a better diagnosis here in the U.S. Their first doctor appointment is Monday. They're going to keep us updated. I'm praying!

And my cousin Stephen comes home off his mission on Thursday. And my birthday's next Tuesday! Life is good. But we're getting so old! 21 and 19? What is this?

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Emily H said...

That's what happens when you are the oldest cousins, ya oldies! I am glad you are having fun. You sound a bit like your mom sometimes. It is funny.
We are praying for your Grandparents and your family. Keep us posted.
Love love love!
-Aunty EM