Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"I, Kim Macafee, being of sound mind and body..."


I have been so busy with play practice. It was a long 3 months. It was hard. I would memorize and memorize it perfect and freeze on stage. So obviously I was nervous for dress rehearsals. We had 3 strikes to make a mistake or be kicked off and replaced by our double. I got all ready and was sitting down in the auditorium getting a pep talk, and Tashi walks up to me and hands me the car keys for later. She whispered in my ear, "why haven't you been answering your phone? Mom's been trying to call you over and over again. Dad shot a nail through his fingers and has to have surgery." And then walked away, before I could ask her anything else.

I wasn't answering my phone because I was getting dressed and going over my lines. And now I couldn't call because I had to be on stage in 2 seconds. The play started, and I was back stage waiting for my cue all by myself in the dark. The nervousness was making me shake, and then imagining what happened to my dad...I almost passed out. When somebody that close to me gets hurt, it hurts me too, and I was imagining his fingers getting amputated. I finally got a hold of myself so I wouldn't pass out, but then almost started crying. Which wasn't good because I couldn't go onstage crying. So I started praying really hard. And I was able to calm down and go through my first dress rehearsal calmly.

And things have gone smoothly ever since. I've had 2 more dress rehearsals, and I my dad's hand is fine. I just have to be confident in myself now, and have fun. And this week of school has been fun. I'm really excited for the play now.

I will post pictures and talk about it more after it's done. But wish me luck on my opening night tomorrow!


Nick said...

Good Luck!!

Gina said...

I wish I could have been there. I would have been beaming with pride. My lexi.