Sunday, March 01, 2009

Prom Dress

I ordered my prom dress! It won't be here for while, but it's okay because prom isn't for awhile either. My mom said I had to find a dress under $200, and there was this one I found, but when we went to order it, they didn't have my size, so we had to buy this one for a little bit more. But I like it more anyways. Isn't it a splendid dress for so cheap? I've heard girls talking about how they bought their dress for 400-something dollars. And theirs won't even be modest.

Look at the felicitous lace-up!!!

The beading is foudroyant and exuberant. Haha I'm just kidding. But those 3 words are on the "100 most beautiful words in the English language"


I'm a very lucky girl

And I'm thinking about doing my hair like this


Emily said...

Wow! Your mom is nice. I never thought to ask to buy a dress, I always wore a hand-me-down bridesmaid dress or borrowed something. I was kind of a nerd and when I was in high school it was cool to buy your clothes second hand. Some kids wore name brands, buy they were "preppie" and trying to hard, most of us were kind of grungy or something. That would be so fun to pick out and wear something that beautiful. Lucky!!

GRodenberg said...

I love it!!!!!!!