Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Preference 2007

I was so excited when my pictures from the preference dance in November came!!! My 4th date, 2nd dance. Grant was the most preferred senior, Nolan was the most preferred junior, and Jumbo was the most preferred over all! Yay Jumbo!
It was girl's choice, and Jarom, Gina and MaConnell all had an upward bound reunion to go to on the day of the dance so Gina asked Jarom and I asked Mac.
We had to buy matching t-shirts for our dates.

And since the dance had an island theme, we bought shirts from Hollister. But both of the guys don't wear brand name clothing so I don't think that they really liked their shirts. But the shirts went with the background!

It was a very fun date. I was very satisfied. I love dates. You stress and stay up the night before all nervous and then it ends up just being fun and you're so exhausted by the time they get you home. I love the feeling before, during, and after a date.
Waiting for the guy to open the car door, your hands bumping into eachother, having him pay for you and so you always get the cheapest thing possible, having him pull your chair out for you and walking you to the door and giving you hug. Yeah, I'm luvin' the dating life!

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DanGina said...

ya i'm lovin you.. :D anyways, the dating life is okay lol but you're adorable and thats a fact, dating hmmm...fact is its never what you expect, thats what i like about it, always surprises you. LOVE YOUR GUTS LOUBERT