Tuesday, July 15, 2014


We are loving going down to the Nauvoo and British Pageants almost every night. They started on July 8th, and it's such a happy atmosphere. Bear can't go when he works, but I go with my family and they help me with Lachlan and the babies. I was sad at first that we didn't get accepted into the Pageant this year, but there's no way we could have worked it out with 3 tiny boys. So I just enjoy it as an audience member. We sit on benches and watch Mia and Noah fiddle in the band, and I can nurse the babies while we sit and visit with church members from all over the country, and sometimes out of the country. I love meeting new people and getting out and about. Maybe I should be resting at home, but I'm always afraid of what I'm going to miss out on!
We love love love the British Pageant which is new this year. I relate to it because it tells the story of my ancestors.

Then Lachlan was Stitch for most of the day yesterday.

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