Monday, November 22, 2010

Busy, Busy

I am sad. I am really sad. For reals.
I have not written in my journal or updated my blog in weeks. But it's so hard to find that happy medium of writing all the exciting things in our life down in our journal when our life is busy, and finding exciting things to write about when our life has slowed down.

All I know is that I'm excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas break to catch up on sleep. My job keeps me super busy and tired, but it's so fulfilling to call these prospective students and talk to them about what I'm passionate - SVU. And the money is nice of course.

I'm finding out more and more everyday why I was supposed to come to SVU. I'm changing so much as a person. I really don't know how I lucked out with getting the best roommates in the world. I know that I keep beating that dead horse, but it's the honest truth. I can tell that we're going to stay in touch after we go our separate ways. I can't pinpoint certain experiences that dramatically changed me. It's been a gradual process that I can look back on over the past few months. I'm so glad I made the choice to come here. I have a better relationship with my family, and I'm learning so much from all my relationships here.

I will start working on a post today with stories and pictures. I'm still sad that I don't have a camera. But it sounds like my mom is getting me a sewing machine for Christmas! I'm so excited! I love being independent!

In the meantime, leave me a comment telling me about a life choice you made that you are super-dee-duper happy that you made! Peace and Buh-lessings.

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Emily H said...

One of my many good choices was coming to visit you in Japan. The choice sounded easy, your folks flying me out and getting to hang with you guys, but it was hard to leave my kids for such a long time. It was a great experience and really helped my relationship with your whole family. So so glad I did it. I love you and miss you terribly.