Sunday, August 29, 2010

Orientation Activities

The activities at orientation have kept me busy and helped me meet new people. There's been free dinner at the institute, a Jeremy Hoop concert (he's the actor from Charlie and The Testaments). Who knew he could sing? It wasn't really my type of music, but I liked the lyrics. Go look him up on iTunes. And we got to watch Iron Man 2, which I hadn't seen yet.

Oh, and there was a men's soccer match against Warren Wilson College. And...we won 1-0. Our goalie was really good. Hooray for some school spirit. There's been a Luau and inflatable games. We all wanted to repel off the side of the school, but I kind of chickened out and the cut off ended right after Greta, my roommate. She totally did it! Me, Rachel, Greta, and Morgann (our new friend) laughed and just had fun that night. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

There's also been service projects. We had to go pick up garbage at the park. And I got a slice of pizza, a chocolate molten lava cake, and a bottle of water for only $1.32 from Dominoes! I'm loving all the cheap food I'm getting. We went to Walmart. Which was an adventure and a half. We got lost there and back. Usually you figure out how to get somewhere after the first time. I guess we're just challenged. But we got cleaning supplies for our dorm, and other little things that make our room feel more homey.

Then there was a stoplight dance on Saturday night. If you were single, you wore green, if you were complicated, you wore yellow, and then red if you were taken. Yes, there was mosh-pitting and body surfing. And the one guy that asked me to dance just got home off his mission from Japan. So we spoke a little Japanese to each other. Haha

The past two days, I've had 2 scriptures pop out at me. I love it when that happens. One is Helaman 2:27

"Yea we see that the Lord is merciful unto all who will, in the sincerity of their hearts, call upon his holy name."

And the other one is Helaman 4:15
"and it came to pass that they did repent, and inasmuch as they did repent they did begin to prosper."

Just simple little scriptures. But they had strong principles that I needed to be reminded of. I like how principles never change.
Classes start tomorrow, but I don't want to get too busy, because I'm having so much fun with my roommates.

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