Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Branching Out

I took the ACT on the 10th. And the earliest I hear back is the 26th. I really really can't wait to hear. And I'm fervently praying I got a 28 or higher. So things could wrap up at the end of this month. And I need to let BYU know on May 1st. And I need to let my school counselor know all the scholarships I got from the college I'm planning on attending so he can announce it at Awards Night. Which is at the beginning of May too. Funny how things work out like that, right?

School is wrapping up for seniors but not quite. Me and Amber are trying to sing at Baccalaureate. And the senior girls in chorus just started practicing a song for graduation. I'm getting excited for prom. I still don't have a job right now, but I am secured a job at the Fudge Factory this summer. Now I'm just waiting to hear back from the Inn and Suites or NRI. We'll see how that goes.

I miss the sakura in Japan, but I don't mind this bright purple redwood that is here in the Midwest either. Because purple is my favorite color! It's been so warm and I'm mowing the grass. It feels so good to be outside!

I'm learning to play the piano better in Jazz Band. Which is making me branch out from my comfort zone. Lots of weird rhythms but I need to synch with everyone else in the jazz combo. I'm learning to solo - which is a huge step because I've always wanted to be a composer but I wasn't born with those creative juices. I'm loving this branching out so far. I'm learning a lot more than I usually am - just playing hymns or movie theme songs. Our Jazz Band went to competition on the 16th. We played 3 songs, and I played in 1 of those 3. We got the highest rating on all 3!

And Tomas Ambt Koford came to Nauvoo to visit and got trapped because of the volcanoes. That was an amazing experience. I will post about that soon. David Archuleta, President Monson, Elder Holland, and Tomas Kofod. What else could be better? Yet again, Nauvoo is the place to live. I'm afraid to leave and go to college and cool people still come to Nauvoo when I'm not there :(


bevq said...

Oh wow-- I love Brother Kofod and President Monson was there in Nauvoo and David Archuleta? How blessed were you?
I've never been to Nauvoo but some of my children have and they loved it.
I look forward to your report on Tomas being there. Hope he was able to get home now.

bevq said...

Oh I missed Elder Holland too! It's way early-- I am the Seminary Support Specialist here and 4:50 am is so early to get up! I miss a lot in the AM! ;)