Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

I had the most wonderful time in Utah for Christmas. I loved being with my extended family. I've always been so obsessed with presents. But my mom challenged me to make sure other people have a good Christmas and forget about myself this year. I did get a stocking from my family. But my Christmas present was going out to Utah. I got to see my grandparents who have been on a mission in Guatemala. I got to see both of my great-grandmas (they're both still healthy and super spoiling).

It was nice to have a simple Christmas with my grandparents and my mom's baby sister and her kids. We sang carols. We had hot chocolate. And my parents made me think that I they had forgotten to give me my stocking before I left. But it was ready for me Christmas morning.

Nick totally spoiled me too. He gave me a cd with my favorite songs, a felt blanket with my favorite colors, a sweater from Abercrombie, and...the complete Jane Austen series in one book!!! Gold-lined pages and everything. Goodness I'm spoiled.

I got to see my Gina on Christmas day too. That was a moment of pure happiness. I was talking on the phone to Nick, and I dropped it once I heard her knock on the door...and my makeup is only half done. This picture is like 5 seconds after she came to the door. It was a very long hug. And it was weird that she had to knock at the door because it's not my house anymore. She always came bursting through the door.

I feel very loved. I hope you made lots of New Years resolutions and spent lots of time with family and friends like I did!!!

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